Tuesday, November 18, 2008


yesterday i had to quit the basketball team. it about killed me. i never thought i would see the day i wouldn't play basketball anymore. but it was either choosing something i liked over what i loved or choosing what i loved over what i liked. i have the same conflict every year, basketball tryouts are the same time as the last few rodeos of the fall season. every year that i have been playing basketball i have chosen what i liked over what i loved. this year, i made a change. im sticking with just rodeo, nothing else. rodeo has been in my blood. i put it in there. its what i love doing and its what i can't live without. basketball was great thou.... feeling like a part of a team is a great feeling. but it isn't greater than winning a buckle or a saddle. im going to practice all winter to get ready for spring rodeos. im going to give it all that i have. all i want to do is make my dad proud..... and i feel like i can't do that if im not winning. this spring will be a big change in my life.... for i will be better than i ever have.

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